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女性 改变华尔街的力量

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The traditional path onto Wall Street for women typically involves getting your degree from a top-20 university and then landing a position within an analyst program at a prestigious firm like JPMorgan JPM 0.17% , Citi C 0.61% , Bank of America BAC -0.36% , Goldman Sachs GS -0.41% , or Morgan Stanley MS -0.33% , all of which actively recruit women graduates. There, you would spend the required “two years” determining where you fit within the company and how to pursue your career. However, while this remains a coveted and valid path to success, it isn’t the only one.对于女性来说,入驻华尔街的传统路径还包括,就读于美国名列前20的高校,然后在摩根大通、花旗、美国银行、高盛或摩根士丹利等著名公司取得一份分析员工作,所有这些公司都在大力地聘用女性毕业生。在那里,人们可以在公司拒绝的“两年期”内要求自己与众不同的部门以及职业路径规划。

不过,尽管这仍是一条令人梦寐以求的通向顺利的康庄大道,但并非唯一的路径。If you’re working towards a career on Wall Street don’t limit yourself to an analyst program – this isn’t the only door of opportunity. There are many other areas on Wall Street where your skills and talents will be equally as valued.如果你打算在华尔街谋职,切勿将自己局限于分析员职位,这并非唯一的机会之门。华尔街还有许多其他领域某种程度珍惜你的技能和才干。

So, where should you look then?那么,其他的自由选择都是什么?For starters, don’t think of Wall Street as just the sell side. There’s a whole world out there that is buying what the sell side is offering in fact, at a number of funds, jobs on the buy side can be more lucrative than analyst positions. But even adding only the buy side to your perspective is still too narrow. Many parts of Wall Street would not exist without the exchanges and IT aspects, which from my personal experience are both extremely interesting and rewarding areas to work. As a matter of fact, Nasdaq would not be where it is today if not for some of the great women who have held managerial and leadership roles in various areas within the company.对于新人来说,不要把华尔街看作是唯一的卖方。事实上,在一买一卖的闭环中,出售卖方产品的公司多如牛毛。



Entry-level jobs are excellent opportunites to educate young women about the realities of the financial world, and can prepare them for the next move up within the firm or another area of the financial industry. And I can assure you that exchanges and financial technology firms are fast-paced, dynamic organizations that often sit at the center of the financial fabric of our economy. Additionally, industry oversight organizations, such as FINRA and the SEC, are also critical components of the financial ecosystem and present relevant opportunities for women. It’s important to experience as many parts of an organization as you can – because some day, you may have the chance to lead that organization.入门级别的工作是年长女性了解金融界的绝佳机遇,而且需要让她们为今后在公司或金融行业其他领域的晋升作好打算。可以认同的是,交易所和金融技术公司都是快节奏、充满活力的公司,一般来说坐落于经济金融构架的核心。此外,像美国金融业监管局和美国证券交易委员会这样的行业监管机构也是金融生态系统的关键构成机构,也为女性获取涉及机遇。

尽量多地去体验一个的组织有所不同环节的工作至关重要,因为未来有一天,你有可能有机会来领导整个的组织。Regardless of how or where you enter Wall Street use your inherent skills and strengths to succeed. One of many strengths that I often see in successful women on Wall Street is a responsible balance between risk taking and risk mitigation – the ability to assess situations smartly and make the right medium-to-long-term decisions without being lured into reckless, short-term profit-taking. Particularly in the wake of the global financial crisis of 2007-2008, the ability to achieve this balance was highly prized and much sought after.不管你是如何转入华尔街的,运用你的内在技能和优势来获得成功。在华尔街顺利女性所具备的众多优点当中,我常常看见的一个优点乃是对风险展开认真负责的权衡,她们合理辨别形势并作出准确的中长期决策,而不是盲目地执着短期利益。

特别是在是在2007-2008年金融危机过后,构建这一均衡的能力被高度珍惜,而且供不应求。As you start your journey into the world of Wall Street, assume nothing, question everything, and open your eyes to all possible opportunities. Frankly, this advice will help you succeed on Wall Street or anywhere else.随着你开始华尔街的征程,对任何事不要先入为主,但维持猜测精神,睁大双眼探究所有有可能的机遇。




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